Daily Regime Kit

Regular price MRP: ₹3,590 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Experience the ultimate skincare indulgence with the Daily Ritual Kit by Jeannot Ceuticals, meticulously curated to nourish and rejuvenate your skin with every use. Start your day with a burst of radiance and vitality as you embark on a journey to healthier, more luminous skin.

Soft Cleansing Gel: 200 ml
Radiance Glow Tonic: 200 ml
Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF50: 50 ml

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  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Manufacturer: Skeyndor S.L.U., Navas De Tolosa, 148, 08223 Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain
  • Imported & Marketed by: Ekta Cosmetics Limited, 3rd Floor, B-6, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019
  • Best Before: 31 May 2028
Daily Regime Kit
Daily Regime Kit
Regular price MRP: ₹3,590 (Inclusive of all taxes)

This luxurious kit features a comprehensive selection of Jeannot Ceuticals' signature products, each meticulously formulated with potent ingredients to address a variety of skincare concerns. From cleansing and toning to hydrating and protecting, this kit has everything you need to elevate your daily skincare routine to new heights.

  • Soft Cleansing Gel- Say goodbye to oil-heavy cleansers and welcome the refreshing feel of our oil-free Soft Cleansing Gel. Part of our Derma Clean range, this gentle yet effective cleanser is formulated for all skin types.

  • Radiance Glow Tonic- Transform your skincare routine with the Radiance Glow Tonic from our Derma Clean range—an absolute essential for those seeking a refined and luminous complexion. If you've been longing for a solution that effectively minimizes pores and enhances the natural glow of your skin, look no further.

  • Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF50- Discover the ideal shield for your skin with Jeannot Ceuticals' Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF50 from the Sun Shield range. This protective emulsion serves as your ultimate defense against the harmful effects of UVB and UVA rays.


  • Healthy Glow: By effectively cleansing, toning, and protecting the skin, the daily regime kit helps maintain a healthy and radiant complexion.
  • Skin Protection: The kit offers comprehensive protection against environmental stressors, UV radiation, and other factors that can damage the skin.
  • Simplified Routine: With three essential steps in one convenient kit, achieving and maintaining healthy skin is made easy and effortless.
Soft Cleansing Gel
  • Witch Hazel Water: Known for its astringent properties, witch hazel water helps control excess oil, reduce inflammation, and tighten pores.
  • Bisabolol: Derived from chamomile, Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties, making it ideal for calming sensitive skin.
  • White Peony Extract: This botanical extract contributes to skin normalization, helping achieve a more even and uniform complexion.
Radiance Glow Tonic:
  • Hamamelis: Derived from the Hamamelis plant, Hamamelis, also known as Witch Hazel, is a skincare powerhouse celebrated for its soothing and calming properties. In Radiance Glow Tonic, Hamamelis takes center stage to provide your skin with a gentle touch that reduces inflammation and promotes overall skin balance. Its astringent nature helps tighten pores, while its antioxidant-rich composition contributes to a healthier complexion.
  • White Mushroom: Discover the hydrating wonders of White Mushroom, a key ingredient in Radiance Glow Tonic. This natural extract not only provides essential hydration to your skin but also works diligently to restore and maintain its moisture balance.
Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF50:
  • Allantoin: Known for its soothing properties, Allantoin contributes to a calming effect on the skin. It helps prevent irritation and redness caused by sun exposure, ensuring that your skin remains serene and comfortable.
  • White Peony Extract: The inclusion of White Peony extract enriches the emulsion with skin-brightening benefits. This natural ingredient aids in preventing the appearance of dark spots, promoting a more even and luminous complexion.
  • α-Bisabolol: Recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, α-Bisabolol complements the emulsion's protective action by soothing the skin. It contributes to a calm and balanced complexion, addressing any potential sensitivities that may arise from sun exposure.
  • Take a small amount of the cleanser onto your fingertips and gently massage it onto your skin in circular motions.
  • Pay special attention to areas prone to excess oil, dirt, or makeup buildup.
  • After cleansing, pour a small amount of toner onto a cotton pad or your fingertips.
  • Gently swipe the toner across your entire face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area.
  • Allow the toner to fully absorb into your skin before proceeding to the next step.
  • Dispense an ample amount of sunscreen onto your fingertips.
  • Apply the sunscreen evenly across your face and neck, ensuring full coverage.
  • Massage the sunscreen into your skin using gentle, upward motions until fully absorbed.
Suitable for all skin types.

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